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yup, I suck at this

I wonder when the last one I wrote was... Ah well.

So, I'm back in Colorado! And I'll be working at a dude ranch this summer! I will be duding! Not doing dudes (rebirthofwonder) but duding :) Whatever that means.

My knee is healing well from the surgery, and in the interests of not overdoing it I will be working in the front office, but my doctor says I can ride and hike and fly fish and whatever other crazy things I can do. And we have an antique bowling alley apparently! How wonderfully random. So I should be having fun :)

And then this fall I'll be starting 2 MA's! One in conflict resolution and the other in anthropology (ethnology track). I visited the university last week and I really liked the look of it. It's another SLU basically, private, small, expensive, but they like me and are paying my tuition, so I'll just have to scrape by on my measly earnings and eat crackers and live in a hovel because I have no money (nor ever will have, as far as I can see). But still, fun! Bohemian university student living! Or something like that. So if anyone wants to come visit me and enjoy the many attractions that Colorado offers (and that includes much more than simply the breathtaking mountains...) I promise to get a better apartment and entertain you in style.
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