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hello all :)

Ok, so much news since my last posting (there always is). And incidentally, I really haven't had much time to work on my webpage. It looked so cool and then the pictures stopped working... very frustrating. Hopefully I'll manage to figure it out and fix it soon.

So, I have left the ranch and have moved to DENVER! Much fun indeed. I now have a small basement apartment, very cute, and am moving in. Christy will be moving in in August, and we shall have a glorious time. We are right near a golf course that is very fun to walk on in the evenings when the golfers are gone and the sprinklers are up, and the Denver Zoo (how random!) and a bunch of museums. Very nice area. And we have a backyard with nice thick long grass (a luxury in this desert land).

I also have two jobs! I just got them yesterday. One is full time in a jewelry store (called the Jewelry Exchange, very cool, lots of pretty shiny things) and the other is part time at a clothing store called The Limited. I'm really only doing that one because it offers really good discounts for its clothes (careerwear etc), Victoria's Secret, Bath and Body Works and a couple other places. I need some nice clothes to wear to the jewelry store, so I'll definitely be taking advantage of that. And I'm tutoring some guy in German twice a week.

Just in case anyone feels like sending me mail, my address is
2528 High St Unit B
Denver, CO 80205

And my cell is
in case anyone feels like calling to say hi :)

AND YOU SHOULD ALL VISIT!!!!! I have no furniture as of yet, but I do have an air mattress that is fairly comfortable... and we can go have fun in the mountains. And Denver's a fun city :) So come.

Ok, I've got to go clean up so when my parents arrive bringing some bedroom furniture we'll actually have places to put it.

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