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SUNDAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!! YAY! Fun fun. And in order to celebrate it properly, I have been inviting all and sundry to my room on Friday night for a bit of pre-gaming and then off to a bar somewhere. I don't think I've ever had a b-day party like this one promises to be; given that most of the gentlemen that I may have kissed are probably going to show up, it should be interesting. Not that I've kissed a whole bunch or anything.

Aside from that, still no news on when I will or won't be going to Canada. I had an MRI yesterday (oh the pain, they made my knee lie flat for a WHOLE HOUR and it almost made me cry) and they should be faxing the report to Canada today, so tomorrow I'm going to call my Canadian doctor and plead with them to give me some idea of a time frame. But who knows?

So I'm off to the Employee Trade Show (where I might run into a really sketchy guy who was following me around and one of my guy friends called and told him that I had a boyfriend and given that I don't have a boyfriend, this might be sticky) and where I will also get paid to answer questions and eat food and win prizes and get free beer. There are many times when I absolutely adore my job.

I hope that all is well wherever you are, and to my SLU and Houghton friends, as soon as I'm back east I promise to get a trip down to see all of you!
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