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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Well, not yet, but since I won't have another opportunity to say this until after it already is the New Year, I will just say it now. I am at work, wasting time because my boss doesn't come in for at least another 5 minutes, and I don't think she'll be expecting us to do much work today (hopefully anyways).

So, what is everyone doing for NYE? I think that I'll be running around to all the different bars in the resort with an assorted mixture of aussies, brits, kiwis and south africans, along with the few americans who work here. And it should be much fun indeed :) Debauchery will probably take place (but when doesn't it?). But probably not as much debauchery as my last NYE in Berlin with my famed love polygon of which I was more of an unwilling participant/spectator. And amusingly enough, my NYE kiss last year was an american, while this year, in spite of the fact that I am in the US, it is far more likely that I'll be kissing some person of foreign origin.

And that's about all the stuff I can think of to say at the moment. I expect interesting and detailed accounts of everyone's personal NYE debauchery...
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