celestialprawn (celestialprawn) wrote,

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ah well

It appears that the glorious dream of spending a winter skiing was just too good to last. On Wed evening I took a bad fall, twisted my knee, (and for those of you who know about this stuff, I tore my ACL (3rd degree damage), sprained my MCL (2nd degree) and my LCL (1st degree) on my right knee). Apparently all that damage is rather hard to achieve all at once, so on the one hand I should be congratulated. On the other hand, I'm kind of going in and out of feeling really upset about the crashing of all my plans for the winter, and reminding myself that I've got lots to be grateful for and that the winter will still be a lot of fun. This is the first injury I've ever had, so seriously, I'm doing pretty well. I may have to have surgery, but I'll know more about that after an MRI, which will hopefully be happening on Wed. So that's about it.
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